A Hunter Valley summer is truly a wonderful time of year! Spend the warm, sunny days exploring the vineyards; unwind with a picnic, bottle of sparkling in hand; or simply relax in the cool of the evening with a glass of wine to a star filled sky.

In the vineyard the grapes are still ripening on the vines, but that means 24/7 monitoring and nourishing. There’s organic seaweed extract, mulch and a little boost of water; alongside the physical removing of shoots from the trunk, thinning of the fruit (to intensify flavour) and prepping the nets to keep the birds away once the fruit is ripe.

In the winery we’re busy getting ready for a full-on #vintage19! We’ve had the perfect amount of rain to kick start the season, and with the warm summer days the fruit is looking exceptional. For the winery this means clean fruit, and lots of it. The vats and barrels are being prepped for the first sparkling base which at Stonehurst will be picked in mid-January.

In the cottages we’re also gearing up for some summer mini-renovations. A few new tiles here, new tap wear there, and cosy homewares to ensure your stay is unforgettable. With seven cottages we’re able to work around all our bookings, so your stay with us will be unimpeded over summer.

In the wedding aisle there’s no downtime, with celebrations happening over Christmas and New Year! Whilst we have a few weeks to catch our breath in January, we’ll be busy planning our new additions to Stonehurst Weddings including a separate undercover ceremony area, more handmade 100 year-old recycled timber tables, some gorgeous chill out spaces, and those extra behind-the-scenes services.

And in the paddocks is where you’ll find us taking a moment to breathe and admiring nature at its cutest. Our newest calf was born only 2 days ago and has joined his family herd with as much enthusiasm as his dozen other brothers and sisters. Jumping, running, tackling, head butting and constantly giving his mum grief with his insatiable appetite – he’s fitted in perfectly. The recent rain has greened up our 160 acres of paddock flats – the cows, horses and deer are certainly enjoying life! Though they’re always eager for a carrot from a friendly stranger.

Next time you’re in the Hunter Valley, call into our Stonehurst Cellar Door, take a wander through the vines, meet and greet the farm life, or take some time to yourself at one of the cottages.

We hope to welcome you soon!